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•Our Brand New Royal Flush Parasite Cleanse is a sure way to start your detox process.


•Featuring powerful cleansing herbs, this blend is precisely handcrafted to remove waste and bad bacteria from your gut. This blend also breaks up calcification and soothes inflammation inside the body.


•Cascara Sagrada, Slippery Elm, Rhubarb, Wormwood, Chapparal, Cleavers, Gentian, Gravel Root, Irish Moss



•Take 4oz daily per 150lbs of  bodyweight before bedtime. One bottle lasts about (4)days.Shake well and keep refrigerated for best use. Drink at least 32oz of spring water while using.



• Orders take 5-9 business days to arrive once it is received. If your order doesn’t arrive within the time frame, email us for a full refund or an update. If order arrives damaged take a picture of it and we’ll issue a full refund or send another order.

Royal Flush - Parasite & Colon Cleanse (Full Detox)

  • Best Results - IMPORTANT

    Take (4)oz of Royal Flush daily while eating mostly fruits and veggies. Drink at least (32) oz of spring water. Fast for at least 18 hours daily.

    If you are overweight, take at least 8oz.

    Take Seamoss to suppress the appetite while fasting. Abstain from processed foods including - meat, dairy, and refined carb (sweets, pasta, bread)


    See our health & nutrition page for full list of acceptable foods.

  • Shipping -PLEASE READ

    All orders take 5-9 busines days to arrive once the order is recieved. If your order does not arrive within this time frame please contact us for a full refund

  • Money Back Guaranteed

    If you use our product while following the instructions and it is not effective, please email us for a full refund! You must show proof that you’ve used the product within (5) days of receiving it.

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