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Irish Moss on Rake

Rebirthing an Industry

In 2020, we found a small town in New England that once had a thriving Irish Mossing industry for 60+ years. During the summer months, young adults would row out in their dories and comb Irish Moss from the rocks with 14' Mossing rakes. Irish Moss was used as a food thickening agent and in family recipes for centuries.

With no boating experience, we drove to New England from DC on a quest to find Irish Moss in it's natural habitat. After a year of learning trials, homelessness, and networking, we were able to successfully rebirth the industry and  bring Mossing back to New England.

Family Owned

Our business is family owned and operated. The women in the family pretty much call the shots and the men do the heavy boat lifting and foraging. Our team is dedicated to insuring every customer experience is both memorable and beneficial.

Our goal is to unify the natural health community so that collectively we can combat the many forces that aim to make  the human family less healthy and more dependent. Together we will make natural health the new standard in communities across the world.

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