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Most Hospitals are for profit businesses!

In America, 90% of hospitals are for profit businesses with the remaining hospitals consisting of your VAs.

Often times, because we aren't quote on quote "Doctors" we shy away from the responsibility of learning about our bodies. You don't stop learning to cook because you're not a chef, or stop counting your money because you're not an accountant - so why do we neglect the responsibility of learning about our bodies?

It is important to avoid becoming hoodwinked by medical professional into taking pharmaceuticals and having procedures done that don't address the root cause of your symptoms. Approximately 12 million people are misdiagnosed yearly.

One prime example of a costly procedure is lymph node removal when a patient has cancer. The doctor's reasoning for removing the lymph nodes to to prevent the cancer from metastisizing and moving through the lymph vessels to other parts of the body. What if I told you that cancerous cells are supposed to to end up in the lymph nodes? Can't cancer spread just as easily through the blood stream?

Your lymphatic system is your primary defense system against cancer. Swollen lymph nodes indicate that your body is attempting to fight the pathogens but need assistance via kidney filtration support, exercise, and proper eating. To activate the kidneys, we need to focus on the adrenal glands which are responsible for the chemical reactions that keep the kidneys functioning. Herbs for kidney and adrenal support include Stinging Nettle, Dandelion, Astragalus, & Hydrangea Root. You can find these herbs in our 3 bitter tonics available on our website.

To avoid compiling work on your lymphatic system before it is drained, avoids inflammatory foods such as processed meat, dairy, and refine sugars (sweets, bread, pasta). Inflammation is the bodies first defense system against potential threats. Couple the above self treatments with lymphatic massages, exercise and boom, you've avoided an expensive operation and more tough pills to swallow.

When you completely remove a lymph node, you weaken your body's natural defense against foreign invaders that pose a threat which is one of the reasons you are more prone to infection after having one of these procedures done. One of your first lymph nodes on the line of defense is your tonsils. When they become swollen, it's because they need to be drained of the pathogens they've already collected. You can achieve this with the methods listed in the previous paragraph.

Your doctor may not present this information and jump straight to the option of surgery, because again, 90% of hospitals are for profit.


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