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Eyebright, Euphrasia officinalis, is commonly used to treat eye infection and strengthen the eyes. Although it is commonly taken internally for these conditions, it works best when used as an eyewash. The best use of eyebright is as an internal remedy for upper respiratory congestion with acute irritation of the sinuses and eyes with thin, watery mucus and itching eyes and ears, such as rhinitis or the early stages of a cold. A tincture made from the fresh plant will open the Eustachian tubes in children, allowing the inner ear to drain and thus preventing earaches. The dried leaf is almost entirely ineffective for allergies and Eustachian tube issues.

Eyebright tinctures used as eye drops can cause increased eye pressure, redness, watering, and swelling; when using eyebright topically, use the tea.

This can be taken as a tincture or topical use.

Eyebright Herb, C/S, 4oz

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