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Spicy Thai Almond Butter is homage to the tradition of decadently flavored curries from Thailand. Our mouthwateringly delicious Spicy Thai Almond Butter blends freshly roasted and stone ground almonds, dried kafir lime leaves, lemon grass, cayenne pepper, organic coconut palm sugar, and sea salt to create a flavor from Thailand that is as intense as it is addictive. We especially love our Spicy Thai Almond Butter as a spread on crusty bread. It can also be combined with soy sauce, lime juice, and chili-garlic sauce to make a base for spicy dipping or noodle sauce.

Made preservative-free and produced in a peanut free facility.
Weight: 6oz.
Packaged in glass jars.
NOW WE SHIP IT ALL ACROSS THE US but its still made to order!

Vegan Spicy Thai Almond Butter - Freshly Made

SKU: spicythai-almondbutter-butter-6oz
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